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Edward Leedskalnin Anti-Gravity

October 23, 2011

Edward Leedskalnin  1887-1951

Edward Leedskalnin 1887-1951


I saw this very concise and potentially very informative post here (Energetic Forum link) on Edward Leedskalnin’s Gravity Device, and decided to include the text and images below. I thought it would be a good read for anyone interested in magnets and Gravity, and is as good a place as any to begin practical research on Ed’s Technology.  It would certainly make an interesting build.

As Ed Leedskalnin built The Coral Castle, he quarried and lifted tens of tons of Coral Stone, he shaped and moved the stones into position, and he sculpted stone furniture, all by himself.  He stood 5 feet tall at 100 Pounds, a small Man but with such a unique knowlege of Gravity, it was said that he pushed huge stones around like Helium Balloons.  From his Workshop its obvious he used magnetics and portable electricity, a Technology, he says, that has been around since Ancient times.

These are some essential books on Leedskalnin’s Magnetics, including Ed’s Coral Castle Code Book here, Magnetic Current, Videos and some other helpful resources…


Secrets of The Coral Castle

Leedskalnin’s Generator

Books by Edward Leedskalnin

A Book For Every Home (Ed’s Code Book)

Magnetic Current

Magnetic Current (With Diagrams)

Ed’s Story

The Coral Castle Book – Carrol A. Lake



How to Move Mountains… Leedskalnin Style

By Peter Shushmaruk
©2010 April 1, Shushmaruk Ltd.


Where to begin,Prerequisite:
If you want to understand what I’m talking about and you have never heard of the Coral Castle or Edward Leedskalnin, please do some research specifically about Magnetic Currents. This book will explain almost everything I have to say with experimentation.Ill begin by explaining the Perpetual Motion Holder quickly for clarity in case you are rusty on your Edward. Here is a picture of Ed’s own PMH (He had many). This is a very interesting device.
Ed’s PMH

There are two coils on either side that are connected together to form a continuous loop. The coil on the left we will call the positive and the coil on the right we will call the negative. The beginning of the positive is connected to the end of the negative and the beginning of the negative is connected to the end of the positive. Ed has added two terminals, one is connected to the positive coil and the other is connected to the negative coil. These terminals are used to charge the PMH like a capacitor *except this one does not discharge when it gets full.The bar across the bottom is not physically connected in any way. It is only after you charge the PMH that this bar becomes magnetized to the ‘U’. It is basically the light switch of the system. When the bar is on, the switch is on. When the bar is off, so is the PMH.When you charge the PMH using a car battery, you connect the negative to the negative of the car battery and when you connect the positives, you only need to make the connection for a second and then disconnect the battery. You can repeat this if you want but the PMH is already charged. The PMH will remain magnetized (charged) for an indefinite amount of time and will only discharge when the bar across the bottom is pulled off manually. This has been experimented on by Edward. According to him, he left one for several months before discharging it without loss of energy.The discharge is then released back out the coils as energy and you can see it by connecting a light-bulb to the ends of the leads before pulling the crossbar. The light will flash.

Ok, once you really understand that, lets move on to Ed’s “Generator”…

Magnets Setup: (Stacked five high)Here is the magnetic polarity of the magnets used in Ed’s flywheel. This pushes all the magnetic fields away from each other squeezing them into small pockets. This is also the reason for having them stacked five-high is so the middle magnetic field becomes compressed and multiplies in strength.
Magnets with Vertical bolts and magnet strength
Then with the addition of the vertical bolts, which are not primarily for support, are for the generation of a vertical field and to shape the magnetic field into a 3D pyramid over the flywheel. The eight bolts around the outside, that are inside the ‘V’ are used to draw in the magnetic field to limit its strength of the magnets they are in. The Four bolts on the inside are placed on the outside, between two ‘Vs’, to draw most of their magnetic field into the bolt. These twelve bolts are magnetized by induction from the ‘Vs’ and help to produce a vertical field above the flywheel as it is rotating.
Magnetic Flywheel With Gates.
The iron plates that are shaped like semi-circles, on top of the flywheel are used to help shape the vertical magnetic field into a vortex as it is spinning. They attract the vertical magnetic fields and make magnetic “gates” that funnel magnets into the flywheel and out the sides. The handle also helps in generating the vertical field.
Flywheel showing magnetic pyramid shape

Here is an outline of what the magnetic pyramid would look like from the top. The green line is a diagram of the shape of the magnetic field caused by the induction of the bolts that hold it together.
Ed working:
Ed WorkingHere is a picture of Ed showing us how his generator works but he is also showing us something else. Look carefully at the device sitting on the wooden bench because this is the “missing pieces” of the machine. The long bar is showing polarization. *This bar has been aligned 90 degrees to the magnetic field of the Earth. When the flywheel is spinning the strong alternating flux pattern, pushes charged particles to either end of the bar and separates them into usable poles of perfectly balanced energy. One side positive and the other side negative. Two separate flows of energy in opposite directions. It has been coined, “Magneticity,” by Edward Leedskalnin.

Now look closely, just below that you will see that Ed has placed a chain-link in between two terminals and is using this polarized energy to charge up the chain-link. That’s right. Let’s take a closer look.


Chain Link Setup

Here is what it looks like with the flywheel and the “separator” bar. The chain link is being treated like a PMH and he is charging the link up. There is no other reason for him placing a link there in this manner except to charge it up like a PMH.

Chain Link Setup Closeup

First you must understand that there are two fields involved in magnetism, a B-field and an H-field. When the chain-link is being charged, it generates another field that would normally orbit the link in the shape if a toroid but because there is another chain-link this field is inducted into the 90-degree link with great efficiency. There is no loss of either the b-field or the h-field down the line when they are connected in this way. I cant find the website but someone explained this effect of a chain shape and the efficiency of energy transfer for the links.

I will try to recreate the principles I learned on that website. The picture above shows three examples of how energy is transfered through induction. A) The light is lit but it is very dim because the process of induction is magnetic. The output voltage is very low. B) When there is a loop placed between the gap, there is no loss in voltage and the loop doesn’t even need to make contact to transfer the energy. C) You can also put a loop of uninsulated wire across the gap to produce the same results as ‘B’.

This was the basic concept showing how a chain link structure inducts the magnetic field and transfered the voltage across the gap with 100% efficiency. Edward used this principle and may also be the reason he was able to get more energy out then was required. If you only need to power one field to make two spin then you are releasing two fields worth of energy on discharge.

Let’s Continue:

Ed’s Chain “Crinkling”

Above the flywheel the same chain is hanging and is being affected by the vertical field that is being produced and this is evident when you look at how the magnetic-field is causing the links to attract each other. So in essence he created a pole in the chain above the flywheel and this caused the magnetic energy to be pulled through the chain saturating it with magnetic energy. The longer the chain the more magnets he could collect.

The Chain being charged

Here is a simple version of what Ed is doing with the chain. He is using the vertical field to pull the magnets through the chain as he charges the horizontal chain link with balanced energy. Ok….
Here is Ed showing us how to collect the magnets, now if we want to use them, we have to separate them first according to Ed.

So Ed would have to carry his chain over to the quarry without letting it touch the ground and he didn’t use metal in his posts because this would weaken the magnets or discharge them. His A-frame is also wooden so to not interfere with the magnetic energy in the chain. He then climbed up or setup the A-frame with charged block and tackle and connected the chain to the box above the A-frame.

Whats in the box? I believe it to be nothing more then Ed’s PMH. He put it in a box to keep the weather off the iron. We all know what happens when rain and oxygen meet iron. I think he was just trying to protect it from the weather and it also explains the “mysterious” cables running down the poles.

The whole chain is connected to the PMH using the same principles of the 90 degree induction and you can just use winds of wire to connect the two together (The PMH in the box and the magnetized chain). As long as there is a physical connection in the form of a loop at 90 degrees to each other.

Then you need to stretch the chain strait so the magnetic energy can flow more efficiently, this is done by connecting the chain to the stone and allowing the natural weight of the stone to help in keeping the chain strait. Then you run your leads down to opposite sides of the stone along the *east and west axis so that the polarity of the leads is negative against the west face and positive against the east face. This matters since you can either cause the stone to weigh more or weigh less depending on the polarity you use.

Climb the ladder to the top of the poles and pull the crossbar off to release the magnetic energy through the stone. This will cause all the energy in the chain to be discharged at once instantly through the stone, just like the light-bulb. Ed may have even used wires through the stones for help especially with his 30-ton stone.

There is way more detail about this in my book, ‘How To Move Mountains… The Ancient Way.’ Especially about how he quarried the stone and what the phi-ratio has to do with vibrations in stone, the flywheel, and the ancient connection to it all.

Thank you all for being interested.


For More Information:

*my explanation for this and may be incorrect because of lack of experimentation but I would appreciate anyone willing to confirm this hypothesis in any way. I would appreciate the results.


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