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Introduction to Renewable Energy and Zero-Point Energy

October 23, 2011

A version of Thane C. Heins' Power TransformerRenewable energy is generated by tapping the Energy potential in natural resources such as Sunlight, Wind, Rivers, Rain, Tides, Bio-fuel, Bio-mass and Geothermal heat, which is usually done on a large scale, but more often in recent years has become localized by People and is being used in communities and homes. Renewable energies are naturally occurring on the Earth and are in constant motion, so their Energy source appears to be continuously replenished.

Renewable technologies are particularly suited to rural areas, where Solar Water Heating, Solar Panels and Wind Turbines are now a common sight, and are often home made, for example…

* There are almost enough materials in a broken Fridge to build a small wind Turbine.
* If you have a spiral coil of black plastic pipe lying flat on a shed roof, then on sunny days, any water that travels through the length of the pipe will be heated by several degrees. This will reduce your hot water costs.
* If you take an old satellite dish and make the inside curve as reflective/mirrored as possible, it can be used as a Solar cooker, to heat a grill plate, pan or pot of water. Be careful not to let the (invisible) beam burn you, it is very powerful, and keep Children and Pets away from it.

It is true that the energy from renewable resources is not available all the time, for example when there is no wind or sunlight, and ways should be found to harness the energy and store it for use when needed. One method of achieving this is to use the generated electricity to convert rainwater into hydrogen (Electrolysis), and to store the Hydrogen in tanks. The Hydrogen can then be used directly for cooking, heating or for generating more electricity on demand.

There are many resources online about how to make energy generators and power amplifiers, how to set up a bank of batteries, a Geothermal power source or a Reed bed system, how to become self sufficient and not dependent on the power companies, how to convert seawater or rainwater into Hydrogen and Oxygen which can be stored and used to power a car or as fuel for a home, how to build properly insulated dwellings from Natural materials and “waste”. At the very least, we should be thinking of ways to make our current systems more efficient.
We owe it to ourselves and the Children to bring all this technology into “common knowledge”, our very future may depend on it.

Zero-Point Energy
Sometimes referred to as Free Energy or Radiant Energy (and often mistakenly/maliciously called perpetual motion), a Free Energy device/method would draw additional power from the sea of Universal Energy in which all matter is carried, and it is thought that such a device would produce more energy than is used to run it, also known as Overunity.

For example, Magnetism is a strong long-lasting force around a Magnet, which has physical and electrical effects on many metals in its vicinity, without the need for anyone to add additional magnetism, or convert any fuel. Magnetism is free, all we need to do is find a way to align these magnets so that a Permanent Magnet Device can be self-affecting and cyclical, while emitting extra energy, most likely rotational energy which can easily be converted to electricity.

In another example, let’s take Tesla’s Longitudinal Waves, also known as Scalar waves. The technology is used in bus and train travel tickets, shop security, RFID tagging chips and airport screening equipment, yet scientists and academics continue to deny the existence of Scalar waves and always dismiss them as nothing but theory, usually just before they revert to personal insults.
It should be noted that people such as Edward Leedskalnin, John Hutchison and Tom Bearden have used Tesla’s Scalar Energy in practice, spectacularly so, in Leedskalnin’s case (see “The Coral Castle”).

The fact that this strange Energy Source is unknown, is not reason enough to ignore the Energy’s potential. Neither is ignorance an excuse to dismiss the idea altogether, as it is estimated that Dark Energy makes up 70% of the “known” Universe, and so is definitely not to be underestimated. The remainder being mostly Dark Matter, followed distantly by all Molecules and Atoms that make up the Stars and Planets and radiation and all the other stuff.

Many Inventors have claimed to have tapped into a source of mysterious energy through their devices, most notably Nikola Tesla, Thomas Henry Moray, and more recently Joseph Newman and John Hutchison, for example.
Lectures, information (and misinformation) on Energies such as Cold Electricity, Zero-Point, Scalar technology, resonance and longitudinal waves are available online.

When you think of it, all of our current technology owes its existence to the discoveries of people like Nikola Tesla and those who followed, and that that same technology so common today would have been declared an impossible theory just thirty years ago, even though some of Tesla’s discoveries are over 100 years old.

People like Tesla are never mentioned in schools and are not even welcomed by the Education System itself. It is up to the Parents to introduce the Children to a world of possibilities and new Sciences, that the settled Academics will never want to approach.

Where to start:

A few other cool discoveries/inventions:
The Stirling Engine, Hans Coler’s Magnetic Power Apparatus, Impellers, LED lights, Stan Meyers’ Water Powered Car, GEET Fuel preheater/heat exchanger, Pantone fuel plasma system, the Rodin Coil, Stephen E. Jones Overunity circuit, Inductance (Toroidal Power), Thomas Moray’s Cold Electricity, Viktor Schauberger’s Home Power Generator, and his Repulsine (resonant vacuum turbine), Thomas Ogle’s (200 mpg) carburetor efficiency design, Spiro Ross Spiros Electrolysis Overunity Patent, Tom Bearden’s Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, Harold E. Ewing’s Carousel, Geoffrey Spence’s Energy Conversion System, Nikola Tesla’s Wireless Power Transmitter, the list goes on and on, and on.

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