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October 31, 2011


Energy tracks after a Subatomic collision
Energy tracks after a Subatomic collision

What follows here is a brief technical fly-by of selected Inventions, and their methods of operation. Where possible I will include their plans, circuit diagrams, theory and useful information about building your own working version. External links are in (Brackets). Some Inventions have changed the world, and some are yet to be realised.

The plan later is to build some of these devices and post the videos.


The Inventions and Technology in this section will include:

Nikola Tesla; Wireless Power Transmitter, Tesla Coil, Longitudinal Waves

Thomas Henry Moray; Cold Electricity, Power Generator

Viktor Schauberger; Power Generator, Vacuum Turbine, Flying Saucer Engine, Water Pipes

Wilhelm Reich; Orgone Energy, The Accumulator, Cloudbusting

Tom Ogle; 200 Miles per Gallon Engine Modification

Paul Pantone; GEET Fuel Plasma System, Pantone Preheater/Heat Exchanger

Joseph Newman; The Joseph Newman Motor/Generator, Gyroscopic Motion

Edward Leedskalnin; The Coral Castle,  The Anti-Gravity Method used by the Pyramid Builders

Stanley Meyer; Water Powered Dune Buggy


This Page is a work in progress so please be patient. There is very little content yet so I will be providing temporary links to existing reports.



Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla 1856-1943
Thomas Henry Moray
Thomas Henry Moray 1892-1974
Viktor Schauberger
Viktor Schauberger 1885-1958
Wilhelm Reich
Wilhelm Reich 1897-1957
Tom Ogle
Tom Ogle 1955-1981
Paul Pantone
Paul Pantone – born 1950
Joseph Newman
Joseph Newman – born 1943
Edward Leedskalnin
Edward Leedskalnin 1887-1951
Stanley Meyer
Stanley Meyer 1940-1998


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