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About Explore Energy Φ  About Explore Energy

Explore Energy is a Site to tell the forgotten stories of Inventors who showed that we can step beyond our accepted realities of what we think we are capable of, and open the way to a better future for the whole of Humankind.  It is a place for people to find out about fringe technologies that are so far out, you’d have to be on your way back.   As an effort towards preserving newly (re)discovered Technology, there is an Articles category for Students, builders and anyone interested in finding out how to be self-sufficient and independent of the Energy companies.  Where possible I will include technical information, Circuit Diagrams, drawings and building suggestions. In the Resources section you will find e-books and articles on different technologies, research groups, technical manuals and instructional videos.

It is a work in progress, so feel free to leave constructive comments.  Comments from people who build their own devices are especially welcome.

This site is not connected with commercial or marketing sites in any way, beware of scams.



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